Master Valet Nelson

The next chapter of Master Valet Drycleaners & Launderers is here

The Master Valet business is well known in Nelson. We’ve been a part of the community since the 1940’s! From serving the community we have grown our services to support businesses as well. With the addition of the Apparelmaster services we can cater for business needs here in Nelson… and throughout the province.

Meet Darryl and Bev Hamilton
– The Owners

“Taking on this highly respected business was an opportunity that we relished, and still do. We were fortunate in inheriting great staff, all of whom shared the same passion for taking on the challenges of doing things even better. We have really achieved that together.”

With those goals in mind when the opportunity to buy the Apparelmaster licences for Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough came up – Darryl and Bev did not hesitate. It means Master Valet can now offer full services to residents and businesses across our region.

Best practice sustainable solutions

We take environmental awareness and sustainability very seriously — from our electric van, to reducing plastic usage. (We are in the process of converting completely to compostable plastic.)

Already we have implemented water saving measures – like cooling uncontaminated water from our dry cleaning machines and recycling them for use in our washing machines.

We operate in such a way that minimises our use of energy. All our steam pipes are lagged (insulated) – and we have a brilliant hot water recovery system used in the washing process.

We know everyone wants to do all they can to live and work sustainably, and we are proud to offer you services that keep that in mind – and action!

1940's & 1950's
The Beginning

In the mid 1940’s Valet Service (Nelson) Ltd was opened by Mr P.F. Black at 70 Achillies Avenue, providing the Nelson region with high quality drycleaning services – something that continues to this day.

Onwards & Upwards

Around 1957, Valet Services moved to 218 Trafalgar Street into larger premises as the business expanded.  A perchlorethylene plant was installed (the first in the South Island).

1960's & 1970's
Trafalgar Street Fire

On December 5th, 1965, the Trafalgar Street premises were destroyed by fire and over the next two years a new building was erected (at the time the tallest building in Nelson). During the time where building was being carried out all drycleaning was being transported to Motueka and processed there.

New Premises

In 1966, Master Drycleaners purchased IXL Drycleaners and Dryworks at 100 Collingwood Street and moved into the new premises. Alan Black purchased Master Drycleaners in mid 1977 and moved from the factory at 218 Trafalgar Street to 100 Collingwood Street, installing a new perchlorethylene plant.

Same place. Different look. Refreshing service.

Darryl and Bev have marked the changes with a revamp of the premises and a new look that reflects the spirit of the business. Bright, positive – with the whole close knit and highly motivated team happy to provide the very best of service.

More recently, Master Valet brought the Apparelmaster licence and now service the Nelson/Tasman and Marlborough region’s workwear and apparel needs and obtained AsureQuality accreditation with a 100% score.

We love the Nelson community and are proud sponsors of these organisations.